Darthuizer Production BV specializes in growing green products especially for the Darthuizer Group. The biggest users of Darthuizer Production BV are Mobilane (Mobilane Green Screen, MobiRoof and the Live Products), Oase Lease (Different flower baskets and pyramids) and Boot & Dart. The production sites for Darthuizer Production BV are located in Leersum and Bemmel (Holland).

Passed knowledge

Darthuizer nurseries was founded in 1926. 90 years later this knowledge was passed on to the newly founded company 'Darthuizer Production BV'. Due to the vast experience of Darthuizer Nurseries, Darthuizer Production BV had a quick start.


Darthuizer Production BV fully focuses on the offered green range of the Darthuizer Group. Here you can think of the plant cassettes and the Green Screens of Mobilane, the flower baskets and flower pyramids of Oase Lease and the products of Boot & Dart. Due to this exclusivity, Darthuizer Production BV is rapidly developing a lot of experience with the different products.



T  +31 (0)88 847 37 77
E  info@darthuizergroep.nl