Darthuizer Group was one of the first tree nuture companies in the Netherlands to mechanize the nursery process and to develop new methods to comply with the increasing demand for high quality and inexpensive products.  

The Darthuizer Group owns a considerable number of patents and has a leading position in the development of products for the decoration and the enhancement of the living environment.

Currently the Darthuizer Group focuses on the development of products, which promote a healthy and pleasant living and working environment in modern buildings. 

Sustainability and social enterprice

Scientific research shows that a ‘green’ environment contributes to human health and well being. The products of the Group have a positive impact on the sustainability of the living environment and the absorbtion of the CO2 output.

With its development and production processes the Darthuizer Group takes utmost care: all materials are selected on sustainability and materials and production methods with a negative environmental impact are avoided.

Another important pillar of the Darthuizer Group is social enterprise. Proven, among other things, by the over 200 employees of Presikhaaf, working at DartPlant.

Different companies in the Darthuizer Group uphold a variety of certificates



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