Hanging baskets in Doorn

It is important that each city, whether it is big or small, has enough greenery. The village Doorn is located in the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug. In addition to the sights such as the Maartenskerk, Huis Doorn and Doornse Kaap, the flower baskets are also a real eye-catcher. A village like Doorn immediately gets a fresh appearance when flowers are added. They have also used the flowers to create more ambiance. As a result, Doorn has become a flower village.

Different locations

Imagine yourself in a sea of flowers when you park at the car park at Rozenburg. There is a hanging basket on every lamppost. Our hanging baskets can also be admired when walking through the Kampweg. The baskets ensure a true colour explosion in the street. The baskets stand out well because of the colours. In the Thorheim passage, 2 flower pyramids are in full bloom. The flowers can be seen from both sides of the passage. When you walk into the passage, you are greeted by the colourful flower baskets. The colour gives a fresh look to the passage and is very inviting.

Different flower mixes

An important part of greening the environment is choosing the right type of flowers. For the hanging baskets, Doorn has chosen for the festival mix. This mix of various species, including Surfinias and Geraniums, gives an explosion of colours. It is the perfect mix to add a lot of colour to the street. Doorn also opted for the Geranium pyramids. The colors red and lilac have been chosen and these colours add a playful effect to the streetscape

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